About Alko

A responsible and service-oriented speciality store

Alko has a clear goal, both today and in the future: we want to be the best retailer in Finland as measured by responsible behaviour and customer service.

In our customers’ opinion, we have achieved our goal – in 2012 Alko was rated Finland’s best retailer in Taloustutkimus Oy’s National Customer Service Survey. Alko is also the retail trade’s most responsible company according to TNS Gallup’s Reputation and Responsibility research.

In Alko, the customer is number one

Our business is based, above all, on creating a good service experience. Alko employees have accordingly been trained for their duties – both from a customer service and a product perspective. And this is not a matter of a single training course; our training programme is based on continuous learning, so that every Alko employee has the opportunity to develop in their work.

All over Finland

Alko serves all Finns. Our 350 shops and 107 order points cover the whole of Finland. Our southernmost shop is located in Hanko, the northernmost in Nuorgam. We serve our customers with the assistance of nearly 2,700 Alko employees. More than 90 per cent of adult Finns live within 10 kilometres of an Alko store.

Alko offers a varied and comprehensive product selection. Alko’s general selection has around 4,000 products from all over the world. Our customers can also choose beverages from our sale-to-order selection and special selection products. Alko continually monitors its whole product selection as well as the suggestions and opinions of is customers. Our selection lives according to what our customers wish and buy from us.

Statutory monopoly

Alko Inc. is an independent limited company wholly-owned by the Finnish Government and administered and supervised by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The Finnish alcohol system is based on responsibility, and its objective is to minimise the harm that alcoholic beverages may cause. Alko’s operations and its exclusive right to the retail sale of beverages containing over 4.7% alcohol by volume are based on the social and health policy objective of mitigating the adverse effects of alcohol consumption.

Finns consider Alko’s monopoly to be important

According to the annual Alcohol Policy Opinions survey commissioned by the National Institution of Health and Welfare, 80% of Finns consider the present alcohol-policy restrictions to be suitable or would tighten them further. 90% of Finns are of the opinion that strong alcoholic beverages should be purchased only from Alko. Over 60% believe that wine and strong beer should only be sold in Alko.

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