About Alko

Alko once again Finland’s best workplace

Alko has been rated Finland’s best workplace in the Great Place to Work survey, for the second time running.

Alko’s strengths included concrete and measurable targets, long-term development of expertise and customer experience, and participatory leadership and managerial work. The Best Workplaces Programme run in Finland is part of the Great Place to Work® Institute’s annual global survey.

“Becoming the best workplace is the outcome of patient, goal-oriented development efforts, in which employees have been deeply involved. The staff rely on the management’s view of the company’s direction,” says Mona Rundberg, CEO at Great Place to Work® Institute Finland.

Alko employees know what is expected of them

At Alko, succeeding together is based on clear, feasible targets. Job descriptions and targets are directly derived from the company’s strategy. All employees contribute to the development of the operations. Executives regularly work in shops, and shop staff participate in the company’s development projects. 

“Part-time employees have the same benefits and opportunities for training as full-time employees. This is shown in, for example, the level of job satisfaction, which is about the same among part-time and full-time staff. Last year, we introduced new tools to make collaborative work easier. Now all of us at Alko are in contact with each other in real time, from Nuorgam in the north to Hanko in the south,” says CEO Hille Korhonen.

“Alko aims to be a workplace where every team is a great team. Winning the competition proves to us that we have been taking Alko in the right direction,” Korhonen sums up.

Expertise and well-being are noticed by customers

At Alko, customer and staff experience are developed side by side. Excellent customer service can only be delivered by competent employees who have the right attitude. Every Alko employee participates annually in an average of four days of training.

“Shop teams are encouraged to provide appreciative and honest feedback. Positive feedback inspires us to create a superior customer experience. Happy customers motivate us to do our job well. We are proud that studies have shown Alko’s customer service to be the best among chains of shops,” says Tuomas Penttinen, Shop Manager in Kauklahti, Espoo.