About Alko


Alko's operations are guided by specific legislation and ownership policy objectives set by the State.

Alko Inc is one of the State's special assignment companies, 'which have been assigned a certain task by the State or which do not operate in a competitive environment due to an exemption granted to them'. The key acts and regulations applicable to Alko's operations are as follows:

  • Alcohol Act (1143/1994)
  • Alcohol Decree (1344/1994)
  • Decree on the Operation of the Alcohol Company (243/2000)
  • Decree on Alcoholic Beverages and Spirits (1344/1994)
  • Decree on the retail sale of alcoholic beverages by sending them to the customer or the buyer (680/1996)
  • Act on Excise Duty (182/2010)
  • Act on Excise Duty on Alcohol and Alcoholic Beverages (1471/1994)
  • Act on Excise Duty on Certain Beverage Containers (1037/2004)
  • Waste Act (646/2011)
  • Government Decree on packaging and packaging waste (518/2014)
  • Government Decree on refund systems of beverage containers (526/2013).