We offer analysis services of alcoholic beverages, not only to Alko but also to authorities, producers, wholesalers and importers both in Finland and internationally.

Prices and required amount of sample

Prices of first control analysis of alcoholic beverages and required amount of sample are shown in table 1. These package prices includes about 15 % reduction compared to normal price for individual analysis. We also have a wide range of other analyses for alcoholic beverages, spirits and other products containing alcohol. Examples are shown on table 2.

In urgent matters or larger sample deliveries we ask you to contact us in advance. We are pleased to give more information about our analysis services and we'll advise you to choose the suitable analysis.

If the results are needed in less than one week we charge 20 % extra. If you need the results in one day the extra charge is 30 % of analysis price. Our delivery time is up to laboratory's work and sample situation and what kind of anlysis is in question. All our analyses are not possible to do in one day.


Table 1. Prices and required amount of sample for the first control analyses

Beverage Amount of sample Price € (VAT 0 %)
 Grape wine  0.7 L  411.93
 Grape wine sweet  0.7 L  489.75
 Fruit and berry wine  0.7 L  439.98
 Cider and long drink  0.7 L 301.31
 Mead  0.5 L  271.43
 Beer  0.5 L  133.80
 Liqueur  0.35 L  264.95
 Spirits  0.35 L  264.95
 Other distillates  0.35 L  396.40

Table 2. Prices for analyses of alcoholic beverages and required amount of sample

 Analysis  Amount of sample Price € (VAT 0 %) 
 Alcohol content  120 mL  99.86
 Basic analyses of wine (rapid method) 100 mL 80.88
 Bitterness 20 mL 52.38
 Carbon dioxide  100 mL  51.86
 Citric acid  5 mL  42.35
 Methanol  150 mL  62.12
 Microbiological analysis  100 mL  97.14
 Sorbic acid  5 mL  93.39
 Sulphur dioxide  250 mL  70.49
 Sweeteners  10 mL  *
 Synthetic colourants 120 mL 273.86
 Total acidity  50 mL  22.70
 Total sugars  10 mL  116.38
 Volatile acidity  50 mL  69.75

* depends on the amount of agents, ask more information

It is not possible to make the official first control analyses with rapid methods.