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Management Team

Alko Inc. has a Management Team consisting of seven members.

You can send mail to the Management Team to the following postal address:
Alko Inc.
POB 99


President and CEO Hille Korhonen

Hille Korhonen
President and CEO
Chairman of the Management Team
telephone 020 711 5745 

Minna Alitalo

Minna Alitalo
Executive Vice President, Purchases
telephone 020 711 5762

Maritta Iso-Aho

Maritta Iso-Aho
Executive Vice President, Communication
telephone 020 711 5443

Anton Westermarck

Anton Westermarck
Executive Vice President, Finance
telephone 020 711 5441

Kari Pennanen

Kari Pennanen
Executive Vice President, Stores and Facilities
telephone 020 711 5112

Tytti Bergman

Tytti Bergman
Executive Vice President, Personnel
telephone 020 711 5596

Paula Kujansivu
Vice President, Online and Supply Chain
telephone 020 711 5476