Making offers - step by step

Are you wondering how to offer alcoholic beverages to Alko's selections? Or do you just want to check some of the steps? These instructions are meant for your help.  More detailed instructions for new offerors are in the attachment below.


1. Read the Listing instructions

Our instruction leaflet Listing procedure and retail sale of alcoholic beverages is an extensive reading package , where the listing procedure is explained in detail. We recommend that you start with checking the rules in this document. 


2. Check the Purchase plan

Our purchase plan is a summary of the general selection tenders, or searches, as we call them. We publish the purchase plan every six months.
From the purchase plan you can see the products you can offer us and the right time to make the offer. We also publish some searches as separate announcements in between the purchase plans. Seasonal products and additions to purchase plan are examples of such searches.


3. How to make an offer?

Find Alko's offer forms and choose the form type corresponding the terms of delivery you will be using. Fill in the form with great care and remember to give all information requested under search criteria. When calculating the price, use our price calculator.

Attach the following documents to your offer:

  • Authorization of the producer or brand owner. However, if you offer your own brand or a limited availability product which you own, no authorization is needed.
  • An image of the product, if requested in the search.

Send the undersigned offer to us by email to or by traditional mail to the following address:
ALKO INC., Products and Purchasing
PO Box 99, Arkadiankatu 2

The offer deadline is often mentioned in the search. If it is not mentioned, the deadline is the last day of the search month, and the offer must be at Alko on that day.

Offers can also be sent on Alko's Partner Network. If you are interested in Partner Network, please contact Mari Raunio (


4. Processing the offers

We reply to all offers within approximately two months from the end of the search period:

  • If your offer is correctly filled in and corresponds to the search, you will receive a sample request. In Partner Network, the sample requests are sent automatically after the offers are sent. 
  • The offers are reviewed after the search deadline has passed. If the offer is not correctly filled, required information is missing or the offer doesn't correspond to the search, we must send you a rejection of offer.


5. Sending the samples, when and to which address?

Our sample request includes detailed instructions and delivery address for the samples. Normally you will have one month for sending the samples.

Please attach to the samples:

  • If the sale-to-order selection products is concerned, an analysis conducted by an official laboratory and an analysis summary on Alko's form as well as certificates of e.g. organically and ethically certified products.
  • For all other products, documents required in the search or sample request.


6. Purchase decision

When the samples have arrived:

  • We first make a sensory evaluation and then send the product chosen for listing to be analyzed by Alcohol Control Laboratory (ACL).
  • Offers proceeding in the purchasing process of general selection will receive a request for additional samples.
  • If everything is in order, we purchase the product and send a purchase decision to the offeror.
  • The purchase of the product will take place in about 4-6 months from the end of the search period.


Sale-to-order selection

Sale-to-order selection consists of products supplied by domestic producers and importers. Alko does not keep these product in stock. Customers can order sale-to-order selection products via Alko shops at a fixed delivery time. Compared to the general selection, there are some differences in the offering procedure:

  • You can make the offer at any time and there are no searches.
  • A product that has been rejected from the general selection can be offered to the sale-to-order selection earliest after 3 months from the rejection decision.
  • The sale-to-order selection products will be offered either to category T1 or to categoryT3
    • normal sale-to-order selection products (T1)
    • locally available sale-to-order selection products (T3) (microbreweries and other small producers)
  • The product can be offered using the self-service listing or Alko's Listing service
  • Sale-to-order selection’s listing dates are generally on month's first and third Monday.