Price calculator

The price calculator is meant for suppliers, and is to be used as a tool for calculating price estimates when making offers.

The price provided by the calculator is an estimate. Alko calculates the final retail price when the product is listed.

Further information on pricing rules and the values of pricing factors is available in our listing instructions.

The retail prices of listed products are reviewed three times a year, according to the timetable for changes in prices and delivery terms. The timetable is included in the listing instructions.


The price calculator 2016 has been updated on 2 March 2016. It includes new import costs.

Price calculator until 31.3.2016 >

 Note to microbreweries

The explanation field for microbreweries on the price calculator has been updated to correspond to the new limits, and the tax relief percentages are correct. The table below shows the production volumes as per new legislation.

0 – 500 000 l 50
500 000 – 300 000 l 30
3 000 000 – 5 500 000 l 20
5 500 000 – 10 000 000 l 10

HE 352/2014

How to use the calculator

  1. Select the delivery method.
  2. Enter the data that influences the price.
  3. You will see an estimate of the retail price and a list of the values used in the calculation. You can save and print the calculation in PDF format.