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Purchase plan and other searches

We publish our purchase plan twice a year, in May and in November. Throughout the year we also publish additions to the purchase plan and searches for seasonal products as separate documents.

Purchase plan

Most of the products we seek are included in the purchase plan.
Our latest purchase plans are:

Additions to purchase plan

If the need for a product is so urgent that it is not possible wait until the next purchase plan, we publish an additional search as a separate document. Links to the latest additions to the purchase plan are below. Older additions are available in our file for searches.

 Seasonal products

By seasonal products we mean products that will be acquired for a limited sales season. Seasonal products will usually be processed with a tighter schedule than normal. When we list a seasonal product, we also agree with the seller on the time of its delisting and related measures after the season or event.
Links to the latest searches for seasonal products are below. Older searches are available in our file for searches.

 You can follow our searches also by using the RSS-feed.

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