For Suppliers

11 Alko concept stores around Finland

We will introduce eleven concept stores, where we demonstrate our latest innovations and test versions. Each Alko region will have one concept store.

Besides being the test environment for Alko's new ideas and experiments, these stores also serve as a channel for our customers' wishes and observations. For example, the stores will have electronic feedback devices, which we hope our customers will use a lot. We will inform our customers about the concept stores gradually starting from September 2013.

This year we have already renewed the following Alko shops into concept stores:

  • Hämeenlinna Tiiriö
  • Espoo Iso Omena
  • Joensuu Keskusta
  • Kokkola Prisma
  • Lempäälä Ideapark
  • Jyväskylä Keskusta Sokos
  • Helsinki Arkadia (also continues as a flagship store)

In September we will also renew Turku Wiklund and Oulu Stockmann shops and later during the winter Rovaniemi Keskusta and Kotka Pasaati shops.