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12.6.2015: New Selection of Alcohol-free Beverages

Alko stores got new impressive turquoise displays for alcohol-free beverages at the end of May 2015. 

Alcohol-free beverages have become very popular nowadays. Public demand of these products has increased also in Finland. Nowadays the use of alcohol-free products also varies more than ever. These new displays in stores have been created to cover the growing public demand of alcohol-free products. We piloted alcohol-free displays during spring 2015 and now stores have new impressive turquoise displays for alcohol-free beverages. 

Stores have been divided in two different assortment types namely normal and large. Division between these assortment types has been made by the size of each shop and also by assumed demand of alcohol-free products in each store. At this moment there are ca. 180 stores at normal type and ca. 120 stores at large type. Alcohol-free selections will be scrutinised in the general purchase planning cycle. 

Example pictures of normal and large type of selection displays