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15.5.2015: Nordic Alcohol Monopolies’ CSR Visit to Argentina

In late March Alko visited, together with other Nordic Alcohol Monopolies’ representatives, Argentina’s major wine producing area in Mendoza in question of corporate social responsibility. The participant countries of this trip were Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Faeroe Islands.

During this trip we organized, together with Swedish Systembolaget as well as Finnish and Swedish delegations, a seminar focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility issues. The seminar was held on consecutive days in Buenos Aires and Mendoza. The travelers from Alko were Hille Korhonen, Minna Alitalo, Petri Aalto and Timo Tossavainen.

The purpose of this trip was to update our understanding about the CSR situation in Argentina. We noticed that the CSR situation has favorably developed in recent years. Apart from the seminar we met various parties, such as producers themselves, wine producers’ organizations, workers’ organizations as well as auditing and consulting companies. The previous similar trip was in 2011.

We have also identified challenges. In our discussions raised, among other issues, corruption and undeclared work as well as their impact to the rights of the vineyard workers. Due to climate change also sustainable use of water resources were on many wine producers mind.

Various BSCI audits has been made in Argentina already. Based on the results of these audits and commonly known development needs this area still remains as one of our priorities when planning the audits. As one part, the results of these audits gives us important information about the corporate responsibility development in the country.

In Argentina things are going on the right direction but there are still a lot of work to do. So Alko encourages the importers to tell their producers about the possibility to participate in the free workshops BSCI organizes.

Next workshop will be held in Argentina already in 26.-27.5.2015. For more information please see Alko’s news release in 14.4.2015. You can find information on workshops in other countries in our news releases.