For Suppliers

16.8.2014 Taste styles of listed wines

While implementing the new selection management model, we will fix the red and white wines listed before 6 August 2014 to the reporting segments on 2 October 2014 on the basis of their taste styles valid at the time.  If the supplier feels that the taste style of his wine is not correct now, he can send the product for revaluation. 

In the future, suppliers accept the taste style of a new wine when the product is purchased. 

Of the wines that the supplier wants to be revaluated, he must make a request for a product change on Alko’s form for changes in listed products, following the normal procedure.  “Revaluation of taste styles” must be written under “further details” of the form. Requests for change must be at Alko latest by 1 September 2014, and 2 sample bottles must be sent following the same schedule. A copy of the form for change request must be attached to the sample bottles. 

Request for this change can now be made only concerning products that have been listed before 6 August 2014.  

Changes of vintages will be made as before using the form for changes in listed products, and they cannot be combined to the request for revaluation.

If you have any questions on this subject, please contact Assortment Manager Petri Aalto (