For Suppliers

17.4.2015 Changes in Listing Procedure

On 23 March 2015 we published releases about hearing procedures on sale-to-order selection as well as product changes affecting product appearance. 

As we didn’t receive any feedback during the hearing procedure, the new instructions come into effect on 17.5.2015. 

See the changes in the instructions in the attachments below.

Please note that this means e.g. the following:

  • An image of the new sale-to-order selection products must be sent.

  • For the existing products the picture must be sent by using a product change form on the Partner Network or by email to at the latest 29 May 2015. Please see the quality requirements in the attachment.

Alko received feedback on the following topics outside the actual Hearing procedure:
It was asked if it would be possible to introduce sale-to-order products’ new sales requirement to become effective on rolling basis. This would mean that the sales requirement would be fully in place not until the beginning of year 2016. This request was based on the fact that earlier when Alko has updated the sales requirements of the general selection we have used a rolling introduction of the requirement. Now we have also changed the general selection requirements to be effective fully from the beginning of year 2015 thus sale-to-order selection sales requirement has been introduced in line with this change. However with this update of the procedure we add the sales requirement to take into account also product’s turnover in euros.

In addition after the feedback received we allow in future also the T2-category products to be included to the special displays, due to the fact that they belong to our quality control program.