For Suppliers

18.11.2013: Product registration in Palpa's recycling system

Finnish importers and producers

If you have offered us a product as being part of Palpa's recycling system, please remember to register it in Palpa in good time!
Alko's quality control will check the status of the registration on the sample you send before the distribution starts. If the registration has not been done at that stage, please let us know when it will happen. The product will be open for our shop orders only after the registration is accomplished.

Products imported by Alko

If a product is imported by Alko, we will take care of its registration in Palpa's recycling system. For the registration we need 12 empty bottles (final sales packages with final EAN codes) to arrive at Alko minimum 30 days before the product's listing date.  A request for these bottles will be included in our standard message "Listing of a new product".