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24.3.2015: NAM Communication message

NAM Communication Message March 2015

The five Nordic Alcohol Monopoles (NAM) have a joint CSR cooperation and have been sharing the same Code of Conduct since 1 January 2012. We now plan to take one step further and also cooperate on the monitoring process of our supply chains and we will emphasize sharing the same practice when it comes to the follow-up of our suppliers. This we plan to do using the BSCI methodology which is based on Risk Analysis and involvement of our suppliers in continuous improvement of the working conditions wherever required.

Initially we will focus on BSCI risk countries, and in this regards the five monopolies will visit the vine district of Mendoza 23 – 27 March. Argentina is defined by BSCI to be a risk country and the NAMs will use this visit to gather information about producer’s CSR focus, compliance with our CoC and any challenges the producers might have meeting these requirements. We will meet a broad specter of producers from the very small ones to big cooperatives and we will also meet branch organizations, NGOs and labour unions. We will also participate in a CSR seminar for the wine industry of Mendoza which is arranged by the Finnish and Swedish embassies in Argentina, together with Alko and Systembolaget. All producers are welcome to take part in this seminar which is held at the University of Mendoza Thursday 26 March.

The Nordic Alcohol Monopolies welcomes a fruitful cooperation with our suppliers in achieving our goals for a sustainable supply chain.