For Suppliers

2.6.2014 Hearing: Changes planned for listing instructions 2015

The below document contains the changes planned for Alko's next listing instructions, which will come out this autumn and become valid on 1 January 2015.

To explain our reasons for the new assortment management model, we published earlier, on 22 May 2014, our comments on supplier’s concerns about this subject. In addition, we now  publish the category tree with segments (Attachment 1) and a summary of the extention of our reporting (Attachment 2), which also relate to the new model.

Your opinions on the future changes are welcome! Please send you comments latest on 19 June 2014 by email to

Earlier this year you sent us comments on this year’s listing instructions. Some of the issues you brought out are currently processed or already solved:
- specifying the general selection product searches and developing our sales reporting are in the process
- pricing of different package types is under examination
- the present product basket model will be replaced by a new assortment management model
- we have increased our communication of operational reforms at Alko stores (e.g. information on our new concept stores, seasonal special displays in 2014, minidolly practices and banners for strong beverages).
- seasonal dolly pallets have been reviewed right after the season for several years
- messages concerning offers (sample requests, rejections etc.) are now being sent also the agent of a product (in addition to the seller).