For Suppliers

28.4.2014 News about the assortment management reform

As part of the reform we will widen our sales reporting on the Alko extranet and test the new assortment management model in Alko stores.

Some new information will be included in the Alko extranet sales reports:

  • Sales during the last 26-week period, weighted and non-weighted distribution. The period of 26 weeks corresponds to the 6-month monitoring period, which will be used in the new model.
  • The product's ranking in its segment.
  • Number of products allocated in segment ranking.

We will also start piloting the model at the turn of April-May in 13 stores of different Alko areas. With this pilot we wish to find out how much resources the implementation of the model requires in our stores and how long time is needed for the periodic changes. In addition, we collect infomation on the reporting our stores may require and on their general feeling about the change that this model brings. 
The piloting stores are:

store number store name store type
2111 Helsinki Itä-Pasila plus_L
2136 Helsinki Vuosaari Columbus normal_XL
2153 Espoo Leppävaara Sello plus_XXL
2235 Kemiönsaari Kemiö normal_S
2256 Ulvila normal_M
2268 Huittinen basic_M
2415 Riihimäki Merkos normal_L
2497 Joutsa normal_S
2755 Kuopio Päiväranta Citymarket normal_L
2793 Lappeenranta Leiri Prisma plus_XL
2797 Savitaipale normal_S
2822 Sotkamo normal_L
2857 Rovaniemi Eteläkeskus normal_L

As the new and the present assortment allocation models are different, we will exclude the piloting stores from the basked-based assortment management. For this reason we will lower the general minimum sales requirement by 5 % starting from May 2014.