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29.10.2016 A pilot in the metropolitan area starting 2.11 (doesn't affect other parts of Finland)

From the beginning of November, the Alko shops in the metropolitan area (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen) will no longer handle the product orders from customers. The customers that wish to first make an order for products and then receive the collected products will be advised to contact the customer service by email ( or by calling the customer service number +35820 692 771 (local call/network charge). Payment for the products will be taken on point of order. Our goal is to take a step towards multichannel customer service.

As before, in the first place we welcome our customers to visit any of our Alko shops to choose the right product to answer the customer’s specific needs from the store selection and current stock together with our personnel. This is still the quickest way of having the products. In the case that the products sought by the customer cannot be found as a whole from a specific Alko shop, Alko customer service sees to the matter, makes the order and takes care of the delivery.

From the suppliers’ point of view the customer order products that were before delivered to Alko shops will now be delivered to Alko eStore located in Voutila. The pilot includes the products of the following selections: general selection, sale-to-order selection and special assortment.  

The products will be ordered to Alko eStore using the normal ordering procedure along with other orders. Thus the amount of orders will not supposedly increase substantially. However, the sizes of orders and deliveries as well as the titles to be collected will grow. The deliveries to Alko eStore will be done using the normal 24 hour rhythm.

The pilot does not affect the assortment management model’s calculation of turnover used in sales monitoring for sale-to-order products.

For more information:
Tuomas Kokkonen
tel. +358 40 8205190

Assortment management
Petri Aalto
tel. +358 40 8383868