For Suppliers

30.6.2014 Wider BSCI cooperation in Nordic Alcohol Monopolies

The five Nordic Alcohol Monopolies in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and the Faeroe Island have decided to strengthen the CSR cooperation by using a common methodology to implement our Code of Conduct in a development approach.

All the five monopolies will endorse the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) Code of Conduct and, within the sphere of our influence, expect the same from our business partners. Systembolaget and Alko have been members of BSCI since 1 April 2011 and now Vinmonopolet (Norway), ATVR (Iceland) and Rúsdrekkasøla Landsins (The Faeroe Island) will also join BSCI from 1 January 2015. 

Since 1 January 2012 the five Nordic Alcohol Monopolies have put the same requirements on our suppliers in form of The Nordic Alcohol Monopolies’ Code of Conduct. However, the monopolies have practiced different monitoring methodologies. As from 2015 the monopolies will cooperate on meeting BSCI’s requirement of monitoring producers in risk countries. Through a Nordic Monitoring Group the monopolies will jointly plan which producers to monitor. Using the same monitoring methodologies will facilitate the CSR work for both importers and producers working with several Nordic Monopolies.