For Suppliers

3.2.2014: Advance information on the next contract products round

Contract product possibility is included in the listing procedure to enable the entry to the market of such producers/products that have not obtained listings to Alko's general selection through the normal procedure.

Products that are within the scope of Alko's sole right status can be offered to the contract product procedure, excluding seasonal products as well as wholly new types of products and packages. Due to reasons pertaining to selection management, Alko must limit the number of contract products: by product group and by product basket as well as by offeror and by producer.

Search for contract products for the second round of 2014 will be published on 3 March 2014, and the applicable instructions and documents will be published at the same time.

Registrations and offers for the second draw of 2014 contract products must be made within March 2014.

Alko does not import contract products, and thus the seller must take care of the imports and have valid permissions required for related activities.