For Suppliers

4.7.2014 New assortment management model

Relating to the changes in our assortment management, we publish below the final new assortment management model with timetables.


In the final model we have taken into account the feedback received in recent hearings. We also publish our assessment of the economic effects of the model on the branch as well as the new store types of Alko stores.


Reporting will also be enlarged in this connection: we have added to the weekly extranet report new fields that give information on e.g. the distribution level based on the product’s sales during the running period. A completely new report is the supplier-specific cyclic monitoring report covering the period that ended in May (5.11.2013 – 5.5.2014). The cyclic monitoring report (5.11.2013 – 5.5.2014) simulates the allocation of the assortment as of the beginning of October 2014, with the assumption that the model would already be in use. Next week the general reports will also include a ranking report covering the running period (6.5. – 30.9.2014). This report will be updated weekly and it shows the order of  product sales in all segments.


The fields of different reports are shown in the presentation below (New assortment allocation – final). In addition, instructions concerning the reporting and explanations of the fields are shown on the extranet under “Instructions for use” > “Weekly sales reports”.