For Suppliers

6.3.2014: Banners for strong beverages at Alko stores, when prices change on 6 May

With the banners which give information on strong beverages we wish to improve  customer satisfaction and bring the communication of strong beverages to the same level with the taste styles of wines and with beer styles.

At the end of 2013 we had a pilot of communicating information on strong beverages at Alko's concept stores with the help of banners. Both our customers and our store personnel were very satisfied with the banners, and therefore we have decided to introduce this communication model in all our stores.

The banners support the idea of product category trees, and the personnel in our stores can use the banner information to serve the customers better . The banners make product categories more comprehensible for our customers; they are visual guides and help the customers to get the total picture of the strong beverages world. The product information must be looked at from a short distance, but the product category image can be seen from far  -  so the banner guides the customer to the right shelf.

In strong beverages the categories in the product category tree follow the present product category structure, which is familiar to our customers.

According to the product category tree, we have made banners for the following product categories:

  • vodka and spirits
  • gin and flavoured spirits
  • rum
  • cognac
  • brandy, armagnac and calvados
  • whisky
  • liqueurs and bitters

The product information given in the banners serves a wide clientele and includes taste description, serving recommendations as well as characterizing words.