For Suppliers

9.12.2013: Offer bar codes and identification of samples

We will start using offer bar codes for the identification of offer samples. This way we wish to intensify the handling of the samples.

Attached to our sample request, you will receive a pdf-file with as many offer bar codes as we request samples. Please cut off the codes and affix one to each product of your sample delivery.

The offer bar code is the reference number of your offer, written in a form of a bar code. You can also make the offer bar code yourself by writing the reference number of the offer with a bar code font, which will give you the desired offer bar code as a result. Next to the bar code, write the reference number of the offer also in numbers.

Please note that an EAN bar code does not serve as offer bar code!

You can start affixing offer bar codes on the beverage packages immediately. At the latest you will need to do so with the samples we request after 1 January 2014.

The below attachment shows you an example of the offer bar code that will come with the sample request.