For Suppliers

Changes to prices for pricing period 1 January 2014

On 14 October 2013 we will publish a new calculator on the Price calculator page:

Price calculator for price changes of 1.1.2014

  • The new calculator still includes this year’s alcoholic beverage taxes, but  the other pricing factors like freights etc. are for 2013 . Please use this calculator when you notify a change to the price of a listed product or a product that will be in Alko’s selection before the end of this year. In both cases you must indicate the change by 1 November 2013. When the Finnish Parliament has dealt with the proposed change of alcoholic beverage tax, Alko will amend the prices correspondingly making a technical change, and the direct suppliers will receive the prices with the new taxes for information.
  • After 1 November 2013, which is the last notification date for new prices, this calculator will no longer be in use.

For new general and sale-to-order selection offers you will have the same calculator as now:

Price calculator 2013, new offers for general and sale-to-order selection

  • The 2013 Price calculator includes 2013 pricing factors. After the first parliament discussion concerning the alcoholic beverage taxes, it will be replaced by the 2014 Price calculator, which includes new taxes and other pricing factors. If you have made an offer using the Price calculator 2013 for a product that Alko has purchased for listing in 2014, please contact the  buyer in charge to negotiate the final purchase and retail price. Please note that this must be done minimum two months before the product's listing date.