For Suppliers

Questionnaire for suppliers about the supplier section on the new website

In the early autumn we asked for your opinions on the new supplier section. The number of respondents was really high: we got feedback from 72 domestic and 46 international suppliers.

We especially received thanks for the following

  • The clear layout, which makes it easier to find information
  • The price calculator and forms are well displayed and work better than before
  • The variety of topics collected together on the supplier home page
  • The text content, clarity and length
  • RSS Feeds

There were areas for improvement as well. Amongst others you expressed  the following wishes:

  • The link to the supplier section should be put back to the top of the main page
  • Links to the partner network services
  • Publications of searches in a format that  can be downloaded to Excel
  • Sales statistics in  the supplier section or at least more easily found
  • Smaller changes in link titles and other such things

Other feedback
You also gave us quite a lot of feedback on the search function, which we have of course been particularly developing  based on earlier comments. For example the sort features and  search criteria are under continuous improvement.

A more common wish for smaller images, especially at the top of the pages, so that you can get to the text more quickly.

Our aim was to make the supplier site clearer and arrange the topics so that finding information would be easier. Based on your responses we have managed to do this very well, and we are very happy about it. The development suggestions you gave us are excellent and it will be possible to make small improvements quite quickly. Your wishes regarding the layout – and particularly the position of the link to the supplier section – are a bit harder to change. The easiest way to get there is to save the link to favorites. Here is the link:

We’d like to thank all the respondents for their valuable feedback!