For Suppliers

Reminder of product change requests

Reminder of product change requests and guidelines for temporary additional markings (e.g. stickers) on bottles/packages.

Please note that a product change request must always be made, if changes are made to the products or their packages. Please also remember to always attach an image to the product change request, if the change affects the appearance of the product.
The product change request must be made at least two months before the effective date of the prospective change. It is important that you receive a notice of approval or rejection of the change well in time before the desired launching of the changed product. This is to ensure that there is enough time to react for both parties, and that the chain operations flow smoothly.
The products must not be distributed without Alko's approval.

Guidelines for additional markings on bottles/packages (promotional markings such as medals, product reviews and marketing  arguments)

We approve such additional markings that refer to, for example,  the product's performance in an official competition  (e.g. medal position) or the product's long history in the market. The marking must include a clear reference to the competition, such as the date when the competition was held.
These additional markings should be kept reasonably small, so that the main message remains on the product itself. By making the product change request well in advance, you will receive Alko's approval or rejection before the change is actually made/attached to the package. For layout changes where only an earlier mentioned marking is added to a product or a sticker attached to the package, it is not necessary to send physical samples together with the product change request; a picture is sufficient, if the proposed change is clearly shown in it.

If you currently have on your products other kinds of additional markings than those mentioned above, please contact immediately the buyer in charge, in order to remove such markings from the product.