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Sales by Product Groups (comprehensive)

Vodka and spirits: Unflavoured vodka, Flavoured vodka, Unflavoured spirits, Flavoured spirits, Gin and Geneva, Aquavit, Aniseed spirits

Other spirits: Cognac (VS), Cognac (VSOP), XO and other cognacs, Other wine brandies, Scotch blended whisky, Scotch malt whisky, Irish whiskys, Canadian whiskys, American whiskys, Other whiskys, White rum, Dark rum, Tequila, Calvados and other fruit brandies, Berry liqueurs, Fruit liqueurs, Spice liqueurs, Coffee liqueurs, Herbal liqueurs, Salmiac liqueurs, Cream and other liqueurs, Bitter

Fortified wines: Vermouth, Port wine, Madeira, Sherry, Strong mulled wine, Other fortified wines

Red wine

White wine

Sparkling wine: Sparkling wine, Champagne

Rosé wine

Other wines: Fruit wine, Mild mulled wine, Aromatised and other wines


Long drink

Beer: Lager, Dark lager, Pils, Strong lager, Wheat beer, Ale, Porter & Stout, Speciality, Unclassified

Non-alcoholic beverages