How to eat crayfish

Eating crayfish is easy when you follow a few simple rules.

First of all, take a warm slice of toasted bread on your plate. Butter it, and sprinkle chopped dill on it. Later, you will top the toast with the best pieces of crayfish meat.

Break off the pincers. Take a firm hold of a pincer and snap it off at the first joint. Suck the juice and chew the meat out of the joint.
Clip off the tops of pincers with the hole in the crayfish knife. Tear off the smaller half of the pincer and suck to extract the juice in it.
Crack the bigger half of the pincer open by the edge with the knife and dig out the meat in it in one piece. Put it on your toast.
Use the knife to cut off the head immediately behind the eyes. Put the head on the plate edge to keep 'records'.
Take off the carapace (the back plate). Scrape out the "butter" inside the carapace and eat it. Grab a hold with your thumb and index finger of the two bumps at the front end and pull. This will rid the crayfish of its acrid gall bladder.
Detach the tail by twisting the thorax (body). Take a hold of the legs, and suck to extract the juice in the thorax. Eat the female crayfish eggs, if any.
Cut the tail open by the side. Detach the meat in one piece.
Split the tail meat in the middle and remove the dark intestinal tract. Put the meat on the toast, and eat the toast when meat covers the whole slice.

Rinse your fingers in the finger bowl decorated with black currant leaves and freshened with lemon.