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Mallaskosken Black Imperial Rye

Mallaskosken Black Imperial Rye

0.33l    /    17.79 €/l
Coffee-brown, very full-bodied, strongly hopped, rich rye notes, toasted malt notes, syrupy, hint of coffee, spicy, rich, full-bodied



Mallaskosken panimo

Product number: 720264
Alcohol: 11.4 %
Wort strength: 25.1 °P
Colour: 185 EBC
Bitterness: 46.7 EBU
Energy : 90 kcal / 100 ml (380 kJ / 100 ml)
Packaging: bottle
Package size: 16 items
Closure: crown cap
Beer style: speciality (barley wine)
Deposit: 0.10 €
Additional information: Servaali
Mallaskosken Black Imperial Rye

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