Faulty product

If a product is faulty, return it to the nearest Alko store. Once the fault has been confirmed, you will get a replacement or refund.

When returning a product, remember the following:

  • The product must be in its original packaging.
  • A fair amount of the product must remain in order to confirm the fault. A cork or an empty bottle is not enough to prove a fault.
  • If packaging is faulty, take all parts of packaging with you.
  • Be prepared to prove that the product was bought from Alko.
  • Be prepared to prove that the product has been properly stored.
  • If a faulty product causes damage, provide a written account of what happened. For more information on compensation, contact Alko's Customer Service on +358 (0)20 711 711 (Mon–Fri 9–16).

Where necessary, Alko's quality control experts assist salespersons in confirming a fault.