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Dark lager

Dark lager is a soft type of beer in which easy enjoyability is combined with the aromatic sweetness of dark malt. Dark malts give beers delicate caramel, coffee and chocolate aromas.

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Various dark lager beers

The style description is followed by information about alcohol and bitterness (EBU) levels and colour. The styles are listed in the order mild to strong.

Dark lager

Dark lager is an easily approachable dark beer style. Dark malts give these lagers deep caramel and chocolate notes as well as delicate sweetness. Dark lager is characterised by a slightly sweet maltiness, complemented by moderate hoppiness.
3.8–6.0% • 18–30 EBU • dark amber–dark copper–light brown–brown


Dunkel is a traditional German-style dark lager. It has a stronger flavour and is often drier overall than dark lagers in general. Dunkel has dark caramel and chocolate aromas and often a delicate toasted flavour.
4.5–5.6% • 14–28 EBU • copper–dark brown

Black beer

Black beer, or schwarzbier, is a traditional German beer style. Black beer has a softly sweet maltiness, and often delicate toasted and dark chocolate notes. Black beer is darker and drier than dunkel.
4.4–5.9% • 20–35 EBU • brown–dark brown–black