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Lagers are refreshing, well-balanced and easily approachable bottom-fermented beers. Their light maltiness is balanced by mild aromatic hoppiness.

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Various lager beers

The style description is followed by information about alcohol and bitterness (EBU) levels and colour. The styles are listed in the order mild to strong.


This subtype includes non-alcoholic or low-alcohol lager beers.


This subtype includes Class I beers.


Light beers are, in terms of their alcohol content, original wort strength and calories, lighter than lager beers in general.
2.8–4.2% • 8–16 EBU • pale yellow


Pale is a light-coloured, refreshing lager style. In its fermentation, other ingredients such as maize, rice or wheat are often used instead of barley malt.
4.2–5.3% • 8–18 EBU • pale yellow–yellow


Finnish-Nordic basic lager beers are classified as lagers. Lager is often more delicately hopped and lighter in original wort strength than continental lager.
4.4–5.3% • 10–20 EBU • pale yellow–yellow–copper


Continental lager is an international beer style that is the basis of continental European lager beers. In terms of original wort strength and hopping, it is stronger than Finnish-Nordic lager. Czech lagers are also included among continental lagers.
4.6–6.0% • 18–25 EBU • pale yellow–golden yellow–copper


Helles is the main style of German lagers.

It has a lightly grainy or malty flavour and clean hopping. Overall, it is crisp, refreshing and slightly dry.
4.7–5.4% • 16–22 EBU • yellow–golden yellow


Dortmunder or Dortmunder Export or simply Export is a lager beer that comes from the city of Dortmund in Germany and respects its traditional taste style. In terms of flavour, it is crisply balanced with a distinct hoppy bitterness. The original wort strength of Dortmunder is stronger than helles or pils.
4.8–6.0% • 20–30 EBU • yellow–golden yellow


Vienna is a lager beer developed by Anton Dreher in Vienna in the mid-1800s. The flavour of Wiener typically has a soft, malty sweetness and clear hopping, which leaves a dryish after-impression.
4.5–5.5% • 18–30 EBU • amber–copper


Oktoberfest has a full-bodied malty aroma. The aroma is complemented by moderate hopping, which delivers a softly nuanced overall taste. This type of beer is brewed in honour of the autumn Oktoberfest beer festival.
4.8–6.3% • 20–28 EBU • amber–copper


Märzen has a full-bodied malty aroma. The aroma is complemented by moderate hopping, which delivers a softly nuanced overall taste. Märzen is generally brewed in honour of festivals, e.g. Christmas. In character, it is nearly the same as Oktoberfest beer.
4.8–6.3% • 20–28 EBU • amber–copper