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Pils is a delicious, aromatic, rather dry-tasting style of beer. Pils characteristically has herbal, flowery and spicy flavours imparted by delicious hoppiness.

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Various pils styles

The style description is followed by information about alcohol and bitterness (EBU) levels and colour. The styles are listed in the order mild to strong.

German style

German-style pils is a crisp and dryish refreshing beer in which the biscuity aroma of German malt is combined with aromatic character of German noble hops. German-style pils is more strongly hopped and lighter in terms of original wort strength than Czech-style pils.
4.4–5.2% • 25–45 EBU • pale yellow–golden yellow

Czech style

Czech-style pils is often a strongly full-bodied beer with a nuanced malty character. In terms of hoppiness, it is distinctly aromatic and dry. Czech-style pils is fuller-bodied and stronger in terms of original wort strength than German-style pils.
4.2–5.4% • 35–45 EBU • yellow–golden yellow

Other pils styles

Other pils beers have a characteristically refreshing, malty and elegant character that typically has a distinct hoppiness and dryish overall impression.
4.0–5.8% • 25–40 EBU • pale yellow–golden yellow–golden brown