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How to store alcohol at home

Alcoholic beverages have a long shelf life – after all, they contain alcohol and often sugar, which are excellent preservatives.

By following the instructions and tips given below, you can keep your beverages fresh and avoid unpleasant surprises.

How to store alcohol at home

All alcoholic beverages

Always store in a dark, cool place where the temperature is constant.

Bottles with natural corks

Store the bottle on its side to keep the cork moist and tight (not necessary for strong alcoholic beverages).

Bag-in-box wines

To be on the safe side, store with the tap pointing up.

Not all drinks are meant to be stored

Most alcoholic beverages are meant to be consumed soon after purchase; in other words, they do not get better as they age.


Wines are usually at their best within one to one and a half years from the purchase date.

Fortified wines

Unopened fortified wines (e.g. Madeira, Sherry and Port wines) last for a few months or even several years, but may only last a couple of weeks after opening.

Strong alcoholic beverages

Strong alcoholic beverages (e.g. vodka, cognac, rum, whisky) may last for years, either opened or unopened. Over time, they too can lose some of their flavour and alcohol.


Liqueurs last rather a long time. The more sugar or alcohol they contain, the longer their shelf life. However, berry and cream liqueurs only last for about a year from the purchase date.


Beers do not usually get any better once they are bottled. You can store beer in a cool place for a couple of months, but in a warm place the flavour quickly fades. That said, there are product types that benefit from bottle ageing. These bottles should be stored at an even temperature and away from light. Most product types with maturing potential have a high alcohol content and strong flavour.

If you want to buy alcoholic beverages in order to store them, our staff will be happy to give you tips on suitable products!

To avoid disappointment, observe the following guidelines

Never store sparkling wine in a warm place. If possible, store below 15°C.

Do not store alcoholic beverages in the boot of a car, since both heat and frost can cause unpleasant surprises.

Do not store alcoholic beverages on a book shelf, on top of a television or near lamps.