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Taste styles

You are probably already familiar with the colour codes on the shelves in our shops and here on the web.

The colour codes symbolise our taste styles for wines.

The colours will tell you how the wine tastes and what kind of food it is best paired with.

Red wines

Berried and fresh wines are light and medium-bodied wines infused with the flavours and acidity of fresh berries.

Their crisp freshness means that they naturally go well with vegetable and chicken dishes but also with fish.


Smooth and fruity wines are medium-bodied and full-bodied wines that often have a trace of sweetness. Soft fruitiness is often a typical characteristic of these wines.

These versatile players of the red wine world are particularly suitable for socialising and buffet tables.


Luscious and jammy wines are medium-bodied, full-bodied or very full-bodied wines that combine ripe berry notes and pronounced jammy flavours.

These rich, aromatic wines are a good choice when you are serving meaty dishes.


Nuanced and developed wines are medium-bodied and full-bodied wines in which developed flavours – leather, stable, oak and herbs – have arisen through maturation. 

Nuanced wines go well with robust meat dishes. They are also good with cheese and for enjoying on their own.


Robust and powerful wines are full-bodied or very full-bodied. These wines have strong flavours and a robust body.

Due to their tannins, they are a good match for equally robust foods, such as venison and other game, hearty meat dishes or strong cheeses.


White wines

Smooth and light wines are dry wines whose ripe fruitiness is accompanied by delicate acidity.

Due to their lightness, these wines are versatile and well suited to socialising and buffet tables or as an accompaniment to vegetables.


Mellow and sweet wines are medium-dry or even sweet.

They are all characterised by delicious, fruity sweetness, which means that they are excellent socialising wines and a good match for Eastern dishes and vegetables.


Crisp and fruity wines may be dry, medium-dry or medium-sweet. They are typically crisply acidic, which balances their rich fruitiness.

Such wines are an excellent choice as an accompaniment to savoury starters and pasta as well as to fish and seafood dishes.


Nuanced and structured wines are dry and medium-dry wines with characteristically mineral and herb flavours.

Their nuanced flavours combined with robust acidity make these wines an excellent match for fish and seafood dishes.


Generous and toasty. These mouth-filling wines are dry and medium-dry.

Their rich, full-bodied character is combined with toasted notes or oakiness, and the wines are a suitable accompaniment not only to oily fish but also to chicken, turkey, and even game bird and pork dishes.