Terms and conditions of the reservation and purchase of reservable products


The customer can make a reservation via the Alko website or by filling in a paper form at an Alko store. The customer undertakes to collect the products they have reserved / the products reserved for them after drawing lots.

Delivery method

The bottles reserved for the customer are delivered to an Alko store as part of standard delivery. The products are delivered to the store selected and approved by the customer when filling in the order form.

Collection of products

The customer can collect the reserved products from the Alko store on the date mentioned in the email confirmation message sent to the customer. Products can usually be picked up between the 1st and the 15th day of the month following the reservation month. Where necessary, the customer can agree with staff on a different date, provided that the products are collected within two months from the first possible collection date.

Reservations are binding. If the customer does not collect the products they have reserved, Alko concludes that the customer is waiving their right to the products and Alko is entitled to charge the customer the costs arising from the delivery and return of the products.

Payment term and methods

The products are paid as usual at the Alko store when they are picked up.

Alcoholic beverages can be paid in cash, by debit cards or by Alko gift cards. The following credit cards are accepted: Finnish and foreign Visa, EuroCard and MasterCard, as well as American Express, Diners Club and Käyttöluotto. Visa Electron and Maestro as well as Stockmann's Corporate Card can also be used.

Claims and the right to return

Claims related to products and claims for product returns must be accompanied by a receipt or other proof of payment and submitted to Alko. Alko will reimburse the customer for a faulty product, provided that the product was faulty at the time of purchase and the claim is made within a reasonable time from detecting the fault. A further precondition for reimbursement is that the product has been properly stored and that it should have lasted until the date of opening, judging from its expected life span. Alko does not replace or refund products that are not defective.

Recording of personal data

The information submitted by the user on the reservation form is recorded in a reservation register. Alko uses this information for internal statistics and possible marketing communications.

Further information is available from staff members or our Customer Service on +358 (0)20 711 711 (Mon–Fri 9 am–4 pm).