Gifts and accessories

Everything you need from one place: for special occasions, everyday use, recreation and gifts.

High quality beverage accessories

We sell high quality products that help improve the enjoyability and usability of beverages. Our selection includes accessories that extend the storage life, facilitate the opening, accelerate the chilling or best highlight the flavours and aromas of beverages.

Our high quality products are suitable as gifts as they are or for accompanying a gift bottle. An accessory perfectly suited to the beverage in question makes the gift memorable and gives the recipient long-term enjoyment.

Openers and bar accessories
Gift card

Packaging provides the finishing touch

We also offer a wide range of different types of packaging with which to round off your purchase, either for your own pleasure or to give a gift the perfect finishing touch. A beautifully presented gift is a joy to give and receive.

Packaging materials


Our flagship shop on Helsinki's Salomonkatu has a particularly rich selection of high quality beverage accessories as well as elegant gift packaging.

The shop also sells its own special selection of ecologically and ethically produced beverage accessories and gift items, which are highly suitable for any home or as a desirable presents.