Terms and conditions of electronic ordering

Order process

The customer can order sale-to-order selection products via the Alko website or directly from a store. By placing an order, the customer agrees to collect the products.

Delivery method

The products are delivered to the Alko store selected and approved by the customer when placing the order.

Delivery time

The delivery time to the Alko store selected by the customer is about 1-3 weeks.

How to pay

The products are paid for as usual at the Alko store when they are picked up. The price is the price valid at the time of payment.

Payment methods

Claims and the right to return

Claims related to products and claims for product returns must be accompanied by a receipt and submitted to Alko. Alko does not replace or refund sale-to-order products that are not defective.

Processing of personal data

Personal data provided by the customer electronically or by some other means is processed in the manner specified in the Personal Data Act (1999/523).

Alko does not record or save the personal identity code submitted by the customer during authentication.

For more information, contact our Customer Service