Special selection

Alko’s flagship shop at Arkadia, Helsinki has a special selection of products that cannot be purchased in other Alko shops.

The products are quality wines and beers as well as other rarities, of which only a few bottles might be obtained for sale. The range also includes strong alcoholic beverages.

Where can I review the special selection?

Here on you can review special selection products. All of the products are available in Alko’s flagship shop at Arkadia, Helsinki. The shop also has information kiosks, where you can browse through all of the products sold at Arkadia.

Where can I buy special selection products?

You can purchase special selection products by visiting the Arkadia shop or by agreeing a remote purchase with Alko staff by calling 020 711 2102. You pay for remote purchases by credit card or bank transfer.

Special selection products cannot, unfortunately, be reserved nor can they transferred to other shops. A packaging and transport service is available for the products, however.

Delivery service

If you buy products from the Arkadia special selection and pay for them at another Alko store or by bank transfer, you can order delivery of the products.

The service is provided by Alko's partner Itella, and the delivery time is confirmed on a case-by-case basis.

Your order is delivered to an Alko store of your choice, where you can pick it up.

Price list


1 bottle or product €29.00/delivery


2 bottles or products €32.00/delivery


3–19 bottles or products €11.70/bottle, product


over 20 bottles or products €4.30/bottle, product


Contact the Arkadia store for further information on the service.

New products can be reviewed in advance

We publish details of special selection new products on one week before they come on sale. Some particularly desirable new products may be covered by purchase limits; these apply, however, only on the first day of sale.

Special selection

Arkadia flagship shop