Arkadia flagship shop

The new Arkadia, created to inspire the customer.

In the new Arkadia shop, customers will encounter Alko's widest selection and enjoy the excellent service of Alko staff. The two-floor shop has a range of more than 3,000 products.

The shop has different product worlds, where customers can experience an atmosphere characteristic to each product type and deepen their product knowledge. Before the renovation, Arkadia already had its own extensive sparkling wine and champagne department. Now separate product worlds have also been created in the shop for beer, whisky and non-alcoholic drinks.

Customer-oriented development of the retail concept

In the process of renewing the retail concept, we have listened to customers, staff and other key groups. The retail concept is based on long-term customer understanding, but sector trends and topical phenomena have also been taken into account in Arkadia's solutions. The new retail concept has been created especially to inspire and stimulate the customer.

The shop has not only been given a new look. A centre of focus has been enhancing the shop's diversity and experientiality through inspiring seasonal displays and various events. In addition, an Alko Online Store pick-up point has been built to make visits to the shop that little bit easier.

From over-the-counter shop to service experience

Alko's retail and service environments have developed considerably over time. We have come a long way from the original over-the-counter shops to today's comprehensive nationwide network providing personal service.

Alko constantly strives to respond ever more flexibly to changing customer needs, to further improve the customer experience and provide a setting for delivering top class customer service and an inspiring working environment.

For this reason, we have created the completely new Alko Arkadia, first shop of Alko's new concept.

Come, see and experience the new Arkadia!

Arkadia flagship shop