Corporate customers

Payment methods

Payment methods for companies: credit account, electronic payment form or bank transfer

1. Credit account for companies

Corporate customers can open a company credit account with Alko, in which case your purchases are invoiced. If you have no company account, you can pay the products in advance before pick-up or delivery. See the instructions on how to apply for a credit account.

2. Electronic payment form by e-mail

You receive a payment form by e-mail with links for online payment from a bank account or by credit card.
You can pick up the products yourself or have them delivered to the desired address once the payment has been recorded on Alko’s system.

3. Advance payment by bank transfer

The third option is to pay the products in advance by bank transfer.

For further information on these payment methods, please contact
Alko Customer Service
tel. int. +358 20 711 713 ( mon-fri 9:00-20:00, sat 9:00-18:00)

If you visit an Alko shop, see the payment methods available there