Order points

Order Points are private companies in localities without an Alko shop where customers can collect products pre-ordered from Alko.

You can place your order either at the nearest Order Point or at an Alko shop that services the Order Point.

Orders made in the morning can usually be collected the same afternoon.

Please note that

You can place your order at any time during which the Order Point is open.

Some order points accept cash payments only.

In addition to the product price, there is a €9.00 service charge per ordered package. A package can be for example a bag, a carton of wine or a crate of beer.

You can only collect your order Monday–Friday 9am–8pm and Saturday 9am–6pm irrespective of the longer opening hours the individual Order Point may have. Should the Order Point have shorter opening hours than those mentioned, the shorter opening hours will apply. Also public holidays may implement shorter opening hours for the collection of orders.

Find your nearest Alko shop or Order Point