FAQ Frequently asked questions

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Every year our customers ask various kinds of questions concerning Alko and the alcohol trade.

In FAQ we will be gathering current questions and answers that might be of interest to the visitors of our website.

If you want to know something about Alko Inc., the products that are sold in Alko or about the alcohol trade in general, fill in the electronic feedback form, and our Customer Service will answer you questions. Does Alko deliver products abroad? Alko only operates in Finland. We import alcoholic beverages from abroad but we neither sell nor deliver them to countries outside Finland.

If you are interested in a product produced in Finland, please contact the producer or the producer's representative in Finland. They will tell you whether the product is available in the country concerned and how to deliver it there if it is not.

For enquiries concerning producer contact information please contact Alko Customer Service.

Can alcoholic beverages freeze?

Yes, they can. The freezing points to alcoholic beverages:

Wines –4... –7 degrees
Fortified wines –6... –16 degrees
Strong alcoholic beverages 32 % –16 degrees
38 % –21 degrees
45 % –27 degrees
Beer, cider, long drinks –1... –3 degrees

What payment methods does Alko accept?

You can pay your purchases in any of the following ways:

  • Cash or Finnish debit card
  • Finnish and foreign Visa, EuroCard and MasterCard
  • American Express, Diners Club and Käyttöluotto
  • Stockmann's Company Account Card
  • Visa Electron and Maestro
  • Alko Company Card
  • V PAY Debit

In our order points we accept – as a rule – payment by cash. Only in some exceptional cases may the service provider accept other ways of paying.

What kind of empties can I return to Alko?

You can return your empties – glass and plastic bottles and metal cans – accepted in the Finnish recycling system to the following recycling points:

  • reverse vending machines in Alko shops
  • reverse vending machines in super markets co-operating with Alko

You can redeem the deposit upon presenting the receipt from the reverse vending machine. The receipt is only valid in the shop where the empties have been returned.

Deposits on empties

€0.10 0.3–0.75 litre refillable bottles for alcoholic beverages
€0.10 0.15–2.0 litre recyclable bottles
€0.40 1.0 litre Finnish soft drink bottles

only plastic bottles with Finnish deposit stamp
€0.20 0.5 litre refillable bottles for alcoholic beverages and soft drinks
€0.40 1.0 or 1.5 litre refillable bottles for alcoholic beverages and soft drinks €0.10 max 0.35 litre recyclable bottles
€0.20 over 0.35 litre but less than 1.0 litre recyclable bottles
€0.40 min 1.0 litre recyclable bottles

€0.15 cans with Finnish deposit stamp
€2.20 24 bottle brewery crates
€3.20 red crates for 0.35 litre bottles (so-called Coca-Cola crates)
€4.20 other Finnish bottle crates

There is no deposit on

  • bottles under 15 cl (so-called miniature bottles)
  • glass bottles over 2 litres
  • bottles for alcoholic beverages purchased abroad, and accordingly you cannot redeem a deposit on them.

We recommend you to return glass bottles purchased abroad to the local recycling centres.

Who can buy at Alko?

  • A 20-year-old can buy all alcoholic beverages.
  • 18–19-year-olds can buy alcoholic beverages with a maximum 22% alcohol content.

IDs accepted by Alko (issued by the police)

  • driving licence
  • passport
  • photo identity card

Social insurance cards with photo, student cards and military IDs are not suitable ID documents at Alko shops.

We do not sell alcoholic beverages

  • to a person who is acting disturbingly or is clearly inebriated.
  • if there is a justified reason to suspect abuse or illicit delivering of alcoholic beverages to an underaged or inebriated person.

If you are buing alcoholic beverages for others, also they must comply with the above rules for purchases.

Please note also

  • If you are under 25 years of age, please show your ID on your own initiative, do so even if you are in a group buying alcoholic beverages together. Every member in the group must be of age if they wish to make purchases at Alko.
  • A person buying alcoholic beverages must be prepared to tell our staff whether he or she is bying for his or her own consumption or for someone else's. If our sales staff suspect that the alcoholic beverages are being bought for someone who is underage, they are legally obliged to refuse to sell.
  • If you are underage you can buy wine related gift items and newspapers at Alko. The Price List, however, is meant for customers who have reached the legal age to buy alcoholic beverages. Moreover, you must be at least 18 years of age to be able to buy an Alko Gift Card.