We also offer you a tax-free shopping service. We have shops around Finland where you can purchase our products free of value-added tax (VAT).

Who can buy tax-free?

You can buy our products tax-free if

  • your permanent residence is outside the EU and Norway
  • your purchase is at least €40 in value
  • you export your purchases unused from the EU area no later than three months following the month of purchase.

Up-to-date instructions from the tax authorities can be read at the address

Here’s what happens at Alko

  • You’ll recognise an Alko tax-free shop from the Global Blue signs.
  • At the cash desk, you always pay the full price, including VAT.
  • You show your passport to the sales assistant, either when you make the purchase or when you collect the products.
  • The sales assistant will pack your purchases and seal the package before giving it to you.

Please note! Do not open the seals, because under the law the beverages must be exported from the country in a sealed package and they cannot be consumed in Finland.

Taxes back from the Global Blue service

  • When you leave the EU area, you will receive a refund from a Global Blue refund point.
  • The VAT refund paid by Global Blue is linked to the total sum of your purchase. The refunded sum will be 10–16%.

More information about Global Blue is obtainable from their website.

Tax-Free shops