We are here to serve

Alko’s service has been rated the best in Finland. Behind our excellent customer service is our sales staff’s genuine desire to listen to and understand each of our customer’s wishes and needs – and to respond to them with the best product recommendation.


As our customer, you are the most important factor for each of our sales staff, at each of our 349 stores, every time you visit us.

Whether you’ve popped in to find the best beverage for a celebratory toast or gift, for a spring picnic or Christmas dinner, perhaps only based on the colour of the label, the first letter of a name you remember, a friend’s recommendation or the winner of a magazine review – we’ll do all we can to help you! From our extensive product range, you’ll surely find precisely the beverage you’re looking for.

Alko – at your service!

Please accept our offer of assistance and feel free to ask about anything – let’s talk more together about your needs, expectations and wishes for your drinks purchase. 

At other times, you may simply wish to fetch your favourite product from a familiar shelf and quickly head for the cash desk. Then we hope that your visit will be aided by our clear shop signs and topped off with efficient service and a smile.


We at Alko are continuously trained in our product expertise and service skills precisely for your benefit. We want to share our diverse knowledge with you exactly as you would like and wish for. We understand that our customers’ interest and knowledge of the available drinks varies – sometimes we simply assist with the basics and at other times we learn something interesting from our drinks enthusiast customers.

We experience the joy of success when we listen to your wishes and we work together with you to find the most suitable product. The product that succeeds as a wonderful wedding toast, fulfils a gift recipient’s desires, receives praise from your important dinner guests or crowns with its freshness a sauna evening at the summer cottage.

We always want you to succeed in your drinks selections – and perhaps you'll learn something new when you visit us!

In 2012 Alko was rated number one in Taloustutkimus Oy’s National Customer Service Feedback Survey.