Terms of distance selling


1 General terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to distance selling contracts between Alko Oy (“Alko”) and consumers (“Customer”). By ordering goods from Alko through distance selling, the Customer agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Alko reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions. The most recent version of the terms and conditions will be kept available on Alko’s website. In addition to these terms and conditions, the sale of goods is governed by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

2 Definitions

Special Orders refers to goods that are not normally included in Alko’s product selection. Alko gives its customers an opportunity to also order goods that are not normally available from Alko. Alko does not conduct laboratory tests on such goods and cannot therefore be held liable for their safety. The Customer orders such goods at their own risk.
Goods refers to all goods sold by Alko, including Special Orders.

Mild Alcoholic Beverages refers to alcoholic beverages that contain no more than 22% of ethanol by volume.

3 Customer

Only individuals who have reached the age of majority can order and collect Goods. Alko sells Mild Alcoholic Beverages to individuals over 18 years old and stronger alcoholic beverages to individuals over 20 years old.

Alko reserves the right not to sell or hand over Goods to the Customer. The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information they provide to Alko.

4 Placing orders and delivery

The Customer can place orders for Goods with Alko’s Customer Service by telephone or by email. Alko can also give the Customer an opportunity to order Goods via Alko’s website. A contract is deemed to have been concluded when the Customer has paid for the Goods.
Alko will deliver the Goods to the Customer’s chosen Alko store. Alko cannot guarantee that all Goods will be available or that all Goods can be delivered to all Alko stores.

5 Goods, prices and extra charges

The Goods, services related to orders, and their prices are listed on Alko’s website, with the exception of Special Orders. The prices include value-added tax, unless otherwise stated.
Alko reserves the right to impose restrictions or conditions relating to the quantity of Goods. Alko reserves the right to impose a ceiling for the price of Goods, so that the Customer cannot place an order of a higher value. The Customer does not have the right to attempt to circumvent the ceiling by placing multiple consecutive orders. If the Customer places multiple consecutive orders, all these orders will be taken into account when calculating whether the Customer has exceeded the ceiling.

6 Methods of payment

The Customer must pay for the ordered Goods when placing the order, using the methods of payment indicated by Alko.

7 Delivery times

Alko will deliver the Goods to the Customer’s chosen Alko store by the agreed delivery time.

With regard to Special Orders, Alko will notify the Customer of an estimated delivery time once Alko has been given the information by the supplier. Special Orders typically take approximately one month to process and deliver.

8 Collection

Goods can be collected from the Customer’s chosen Alko store during its opening hours, by either the Customer or an individual authorised by the Customer. The Customer’s chosen Alko store can hand over the ordered Goods to the Customer or an individual authorised by the Customer, provided that
a) the individual concerned is over 18 years old if the Goods are Mild Alcoholic Beverages, or over 20 years old if the Goods are stronger alcoholic beverages;
b) the individual concerned is not behaving disruptively and is not obviously intoxicated; and
c) there is no reason to suspect that the Goods will be used for illegal purposes or that they are being procured for unauthorised persons.

If the Customer fails to collect the Goods from the store within 14 days of their arrival, Alko can deem the Customer to have exercised their right to cancel the order, which will be discussed below in Section 9, and refund the Customer as described in Section 9.
The staff of the Alko store to which the Goods have been delivered always has final say in whether to hand over the Goods.

Alko is liable for any faults found in the Goods as per the Consumer Protection Act. The Customer must notify Alko of any faults found in the Goods within a reasonable period of time in order to give Alko an opportunity to rectify the fault or to compensate the Customer otherwise.

9 Returns

The Consumer Protection Act gives the Customer the right to return the Goods within 14 days. To exercise this right, the Customer must notify Alko of a cancellation of contract and return the Goods within 14 days of receipt. Simply returning the Goods or not collecting them is not enough; the Customer must also notify Alko of the cancellation of the order in writing. This can be done at the time of returning the Goods, using the enclosed returns form. If the Customer does not have access to a printer, they can request a print-out of the form by contacting Alko’s Customer Service. The Customer must also provide proof of purchase when returning the Goods.

The Customer can return the Goods by bringing them back to the Alko store from which they were collected. Alternatively, the Customer can return the Goods by post. If the Customer chooses to return the Goods by post, they must be packaged carefully to prevent damage or breakages. The Customer bears the costs of returning the Goods, such as postage and packaging.

For the Customer to retain their right to return the Goods, they must be materially unchanged and undiminished. The Customer must return the Goods in their original packaging.

Appropriately returned Goods will be refunded to the Customer within 14 days of the Customer having notified Alko of the cancellation of the order and having returned the Goods to Alko. Refunds will be made using the same method of payment that the Customer used when placing the order.

Alko supplies Special Orders according to the Customer’s specifications and cannot resell Special Orders to anyone other than the Customer who placed the order. The Customer therefore does not have the right to return Special Orders on the basis of Chapter 6, Section 16(1)(3) of the Consumer Protection Act.

10 Faults and limitation of liability

When notifying Alko of faulty Goods, the Customer must also provide proof of purchase.
Alko must be notified of faults in writing. Only written notifications of faults will be processed. Notifications of faults can be submitted by email to asiakaspalvelu@alko.fi or by post to Alko Oy, Customer Service, PO Box 33, FI-00181 Helsinki.

Unless otherwise stipulated in the mandatory provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, Alko cannot be held liable for any indirect loss incurred by the Customer, and Alko’s liability for any direct loss incurred by the Customer for breach of contract will be limited to the total value of the Goods ordered.

The Customer has the right to refer any disputes arising from this contract to the Consumer Disputes Board.

11 Processing of personal data and cookies

Alko processes all personal data provided by the Customer electronically or by some other means in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Act (1999/523).
The Customer’s personal data are compiled and stored in Alko’s customer database. The way Alko uses personal data and cookies is described in Alko’s privacy policy on our website at http://www.alko.fi/privacy-policy/.

Alko does not record or save the personal identity code entered by the Customer at login.

12 Alko’s contact details

Alko Head Office:
Alko Oy, PO Box 33, FI-00181 Helsinki
Alko Customer Service:
Email: customerservice@alko.fi
Telephone: +358 20 692 771 (calls are charged at local network rates)