For barbecue treats

Hot outside, hot on the plate. During the barbecue season, everything from steaks and sausages, chops and ribs, drumsticks and seafood to all sorts of tasty vegetables is put on the grill.

Whether you use a coal or gas grill, a live flame will give the food a distinct, slightly scorched flavour.

Full-bodied for heavy foods

When you are grilling red meat, such as beef, lamb or spicy pork, it's best to choose a full-bodied red wine with rich fruitiness. You can find a number of great options on the shelves from Argentinian, Australian, Chilean and US wines.

If you would like a beer, a dark, rich lager or a strong ale with mature fruit flavours works well with red meat.


Lighter for light foods

If you decide to grill lighter meat, such as pork, chicken or fish, it's best also to opt for lighter drinks. Rosés and white wines are great choices.

For chicken and pork, pick a richer white or rosé wine from Australia, Chile or France.
Beers that go well with these foods include strong lagers and pilsners. For fattier ribs, you can choose a soft, hoppy India Pale Ale.

For fish, go for a fresh wine from, say, France or New Zealand. Wheat beer, with its refreshing, summery taste, is the perfect match for salmon.