Fresh summer rosés

Rosé is the perfect summer wine. Well-cooled, it’s a great addition to a picnic basket and an excellent match for light vegetable, fish and meat dishes. This beautiful pink wine is also at home at summer garden parties and buffets.

Rosé wine is usually not made by mixing red and white wine, although some people might think this is the easiest way to achieve the desired result.

The pink colour comes from the skins of crushed red grapes that are left in the juice for a while as it is fermenting.

Summer rosés

In early May, we will receive a batch of rosé wines that will be perfect for summer evening get-togethers and picnics. The range of wines will come from all over the world, so you will surely find one to your taste.


Rosé complements summer foods

Rosé combines the fruity freshness of white wines and the structure of red wines. This makes it a great wine for a variety of foods.

Uncomplicated, sunny rosé is at its best when served at social occasions or with picnic foods. It can also be successfully paired with salads and fish dishes. Additionally, the fresh and fruity flavour of demi-sec rosé goes well with hot oriental food.