Product information

Quality and product safety

Quality and safety are the two main things that our customers value in Alko's products. 

Product safety and quality are central to Alko's responsible operations. Implementing this area is the responsibility of Alko's Quality Control and the Alcohol Control Laboratory (ACL). Quality control in the purchasing department is an important part of the selection process for many products. In the process, the labelling is checked for it's conformity to law and products are tested by using the human senses. The ACL conducts chemical and microbiological analyses of the products that Alko sells.

In other words, in the quality control process, the quality of alcoholic beverages is monitored through the senses. In the assessment of the fragrance and flavour of the drinks no device or machine is yet able to completely replace the "human instrument". The method is good, affordable and fast, and it produces consistent quality assurance. A purely sensory evaluation alone is not however sufficient, so the end result is achieved using the strong support and know-how of the internationally recognised Alcohol Control Laboratory. Through these two functions Alko guarantees high product quality and safety, in a cost-effective manner.

Product deviations under good management

If a product batch is withdrawn from sale, the most common reason is inadequate labelling or reduced quality during storage. Thanks to the internal product management system, we notice product deviations quickly are able to react immediately.

The majority of the complaints are directed at wines, which is understandable considering the nature of this product group. Complaints regarding cork taste and smell have declined due to the broadening adoption of metal screw caps. On the other hand, the increase in bag-in-box sales and subsequent damages to their delicate packages through transportation and other reasons have resulted in new tasks for quality control.