Ethical and eco product labels in Alko’s assortment

Consumers are increasingly interested in the origins of products. There are various certification systems designed to help in making a sustainable buying decision. The certifications, or labels, tell about producer’s commitment to responsible business and sustainability.

Ethical trade

Alko’s assortment currently includes 50 products that bear an internationally acknowledged ethical certification. Ethical trade is based on the idea that workers receive fair pay and that their rights and working conditions are properly taken care of. Ethical-labelled products in our assortment bear either a Fair Trade, Fair for life or For life certification. These labels have an accredited auditing system, but they have not been audited by Alko’s commission. There are ethical trade products in both wine and beer product categories. Alko’s assortment has included ethical trade products already since 2007.

General principles of ethical certifications:

  • Farmers in developing countries receive a fair compensation for their products and work
  • Work is done in safe and healthy working conditions
  • Workers have a right to join labor unions
  • Environmental criteria are applied to production
  • Products can be traced back to the producer
  • Monitoring systems are used to certify products and raw materials

Fair Trade criteria are controlled by FLO-CERT which is a 3rd party, independent company. The controlling has been granted an ISO 65 standard. Fair for life and For life criteria are controlled by the Institute for Marketecology IMO.

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Ethical trade
Fair Trade
Fair for Life
For life

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Organic products

The first certified organic wine was chosen to Alko’s assortment in 1994. Since then the share of organic products has been in a steady rise and currently there are 267 certified organic products in different categories.

Organic agricultural production methodology aims for as small as possible foreign substances in the end product. Most importantly, however, it aims for benefits towards the cultured soil and its immediate natural surroundings in terms of their improved condition and biodiversity. In wine production also a smaller allowed amount of sulfides in the end product belongs to the criteria.

In addition to certified organic products Alko’s assortment includes biodynamically produced red and white wines and champagne. Biodynamic production methodology has been a rising trend especially in France but there are some products also from Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany and California, US.

General principles of organic agriculture and certifications:

  • treatment of soil maintains life and the soil’s natural fertility
  • plant protection actions are based on natural processes and do not cause harm to the surrounding environment; only a limited number and amount of plant protection agents (pesticides) can be used
  • material needed for planting seeds and other means to multiply plants has also been produced in a certified organic manner
  • cleaning agents needed in different production phases are EU approved (internal EU requirement)

Organic certificates (labels) are mostly country-specific especially outside the EU.

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